Can’t decide where to head for a trip, must have heard about the Full Day Dubai sunset desert safari tour with bbq dinner, right? Dubai desert safari is a hypnotizing area that has a considerable measure to offer for everybody.  Then why not enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the wilderness with a daylong tour of desert safari in Dubai. An exotic trip in a desert is like an icing on the cake. “An Arabian Nights Desert Safari Dubai” is a stunning combination of the ancient Arabic traditions and modern ethnicity and habits. This full day safari tour is a worldwide famous and at very affordable Dubai desert safari ticket price.

The Dubai desert safari (Best Desert Safari Dubai) is an amazing amalgamation of various adventurous things in the utmost pleasant weather and the different mix match of the natural landscape. Dubai desert safari is a crazy safari experience that will bring you to the sand hills. This Adventure Desert Safari Tour and BBQ Dinner offers you to explore the range of sand dunes, landscape, beautiful and smoothening sunset view, the traditional dance form, some mouth-watering food, camel ride, quad bike Dubai ride, dune bashing, the belly dance performance and many more things to do.



The Dubai desert is a barren land made of sand and hill like something called dunes. The dunes are not static that is that they keep on shifting their place in the direction of high winds. The desert safari in the Arabian Desert will be the best place to have an exhilarating safari experience (Desert safari with dinner). “Dubai Safari” is an important factor in popular wilderness sports activities of UAE.

Dubai offers the greatest entertainment anybody can have on the “Dubai desert safari tour” which ranges from quad bikes to the most powerful SUVs in the world.  The perfect place for clicking pictures. A place for children to enjoy and be themselves.

It can become incredible with your family or friends. You will be filled with awe and wonder, and you will be comparing things that you have seen in the movies, read in books.  All the “Desert Safari Dubai activities” are included from adventures rides to dinner. A desert is a unique place to enjoy in its way. The traditional activities, cultural experience, folk music, Arabic food, sand boarding experience, all these inclusions and many more highlights are there to blow your mind.

Dubai Afternoon Desert Safari and BBQ Dinner (“Evening Desert Safari”) gives you memories to share and cherish with your family and friends. Red Dunes Dubai desert safari includes the following activities: pick up from the hotel, dune bashing, sunset view, photography, camel ride, quad bike ride, belly dancing, henna painting, Hubble bubble (shisha), Arabic coffee, traditional costumes, unlimited beverages- mineral water/ soft drinks/ tea-coffee, barbeque snacks and buffet dinner, sand skiing. The evening tour ends by the night. The drivers for dune bashing are licensed and strictly professional (Check for “Desert Safari Dubai Reviews”). 4×4 land cruisers are used for the purpose of safari.



You must get a camera to click amazing and cute moments, when going to a 4×4 desert safari in Dubai and wear only comfortable clothes and footwears too. Avoid carrying expensive watches and jewelry and accessories. Even there are no signals in the wilderness area so no need of taking cell phones and one must try to gawk the traditional Arabian coffee at the camp and must shake bellies with the beautiful, gracious and gorgeous belly dancers.

You must go for desert safari once if you visit Dubai. One can get to see the real wilderness at a desert, doesn’t it sounds fresh and worth a visit.  In Dubai, the tourists are offered desert safari Dubai tour packages for the day-long tours. Dubai serves great entertainment when it comes to desert safari. It is a thrilling experience for youngsters and children. “Full Day Dubai desert safari tour” is a hassle free trip, and when it comes to rating the experience, one cannot stay without saying outstanding, fantastic, and phenomenal. In overall, the safari trip is worth the time and money.

You can expect a land cruiser ride in the desert on the sand, a walk on the 300m feet high dunes of the desert where you can admire the sunset. The sand dunes of Arabian Desert are also called as “red sand dunes”. They are one of the great natural wonders of the world.  A short and tickling camel ride with the graceful camels that walk in a queue. The weird turn of the camel will make you giggle laugh. The other way to enjoy in a desert is “dune bashing”. The “dune bashing Dubai Safari” is a form of off-roading on sand dunes. A way to ride vehicles on unsurfaced platforms. If you are a “Falcon” fan then you also get to click some cool pictures with them, isn’t it exciting??  You can get your hands painted with traditional Arabic style “henna painting” and if you expect to sit back and relax you will also be taken to a desert camp where you get to view some dance performances and fireworks, and then you will serve with some delicious barbecue dinner.

You will be riding on the massive sand dunes in the most luxurious SUV 4×4 vehicles. You will get to do sand boarding, or you can say sand surfing. It is the marvelous way to enjoy the sand; you won’t even get hurt. If you are going to fall the warm and dry sand would be there to protect you. Formica or lamina material is used to make the sand boards. One of the oldest Arabic traditions is to have a falcon in your life. You can hold a hawk in your arms and get some pictures clicked with the variety of poses. “Falcon” is a kind of bird that you will find in the desert area only.  A full day Dubai desert safari tour with shows and bbq dinner will be an enjoyable experience and will give you immense pleasure. Each and everything that will be doing there will be full of fun, joy, happiness, and entertainment that will add a lot of buzz and thrill to your life. The kids find more entertainment in jumping and sliding around the high dunes and playing with the sand.



The other things that will make your jaws drop are the “Quad Bike Dubai Ride” or the ATV motorbike ride that will get you roar like a lion; you will feel like you are on cloud nine. The “desert safari with the quad bike is a toast to every adventurous explorer. One who rides this quad will become a fan of it. A way to have fun just like snowboarding is to do “sand skiing”. You will get to slide down the slopes/dune, but you must listen to the instructions given by the instructor carefully. Don’t fear about falling as the soft and warm sand will be here to hold you. Sand skiing is easier than snowboarding. Another way to have fun is to sit back and relax. Inside the camp, it looks and feels like a fair. There are very long rows of dining tables arranged on a large carpet with pillows. At the center, there is a vast stage area where the performances take place.



At the camp there are various booths set up for smoking, food, beverages, henna tattoos plus there is an open are to smoke shisha. It can make you feel like you are in a mini-community. You will also get to witness the main attractions of the desert camp. You can sit and have shisha. It is a pipe of water to smoke tobacco. Another thing you can do is get a henna painting. Henna is used as a replacement for tattoos. You can get the henna painting done on any part of your body arms, feet, etc. henna is painless and completely natural. It is free in desert camps. There will be gracious, amusing and mind blowing cultural performances. The entertainment will then be continued with an extraordinary dance form called “Tanura dance”. It is a traditional Arabic dance form. The long, vast and multi-coloured skirts are worn by the performers to perform the Tanura dance. The other performance is “belly dancing” You will get to see easy, cute and beautiful Arabian girls shaking their bellies to the rhythm and beats of the music that will make you groove to the music beats too. The pick and drop services are readily available. The cool breeze refreshes the mind, body, and soul. Thus Dubai tour can become an incredible part of the journey of your life. Don’t forget to capture the special precious moments of the “Dubai desert safari tour and adventures activities”. The thing that you will remember is that you were covered with sand from head to toe.


desert-safari-dubai-tour-with henna painting

The experience of Full Day Dubai Desert Safari tour is just so unpredictable and joyful for the visitors. This “4×4 Dubai Desert Safari tour with Dune Bashing” is so fascinating that nobody can dream off. The enjoyment and the life that you will live here for one day is beyond anybody’s imagination. Dubai is calling all you adventurous tourists and is offering its special people the “best desert safari Dubai deals”.

Don’t let this opportunity slip off your hands. Girls and guys don’t let the opportunity go, plan a trip to the United Arab Emirates and grab the chances to have fun in your way in an open space like the desert. Arrangements are made according to the demand (Desert Safari Deals in Dubai), what else do you need to have a good time in your way. The journey of “Full Day Dubai desert safari” is just unforgettable and to have a glance at the lifestyle and culture of the desert population.